Antibacterial Skincare for Acne

Antibacterial Skincare for Acne

Hundreds of Thousands of people all over the world suffer from acne and there are hundreds of potential acne treatments on the market. BUT how many of those treatments use natural properties derived from natural ingredients to heal your skin without adding chemicals.

In addition, those suffering from acne are sometimes unaware that natural ingredient contains powerful natural properties that heal skin and acne better than chemicals.

We are talking about Manuka Honey – one of the most Powerful antibacterial agents in nature! For many years Manuka Honey has been known for its ability to possess antimicrobial property as well as its wound healing activity. The healing element of Manuka honey stems from its antibacterial activity and its high viscosity which helps to provide a protective barrier to prevent infection. The significant antibacterial effects from Manuka Honey are related to the low pH level of the honey and its high sugar content that is enough to further hinder the growth of microbes (bacteria causing disease or fermentation). Manuka Honey, when applied to the skin, rapidly clears wound infection to facilitate the deep healing within the wound or open skin. In addition, Manuka Honey provides the skin with an essential form of hydration.

Manuka Honey has long been an active agent in healing skin from conditions such as acne. As Manuka Honey contains powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents, it actively works to deeply penetrate the acne prone skin to relieve it of the inflammation therefore reliving the skin of redness and bacteria. The antibacterial properties within Manuka Honey add a protective barrier to the skins surface as bacteria often builds up in the pores therefore contributing to acne. However, using Manuka Honey will suppress these bacteria as the high sugar content in the honey prevent the growth of microbes (bacteria or fermentation).

Grahams Natural uses Manuka Honey and its antibacterial properties within its Acne Wash and Acne Gel to provide acne prone skin with the anti-inflammatory benefits that Manuka Honey has. Both the acne wash and gel use all naturally formulated ingredients combined with Manuka Honey to soothe the skin and reduce redness.


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