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life saver!!

i’ve had severe eyelid eczema for nearly two years now and my eyes use to seep and i used to be in severe pain.
i’ve used types of strong steroids, over the counter moisturisers and nothing was helping.
i came across this cream online and decided to try it out. and within a month of constant usage my eyes were have never felt so good!!.
i would highly recommend it

The shampoo helped with the dryness and flaking right away while leaving my hair feeling clean.

0 stars never arrived and company is not helping with refund

This stuff is amazing for eczema!! I only get it on my hands but I live in AZ and it saves me in the winter!

Helped my baby’s skin

My baby has had a clogged tear duct since birth and the skin around her eye has suffered horrible eczema as a result. This stuff really works for her I’m so glad we found it!!

Eczema Gel

Our daughter had severe eczema in the back of her leg, her arms, and her chin. We had tried everything and I came across this gel. I have to say I bought it just to say I tried it. It works! You have to continue to use it for it the eczema to stay clear of course but it clears off within hours! I wish I would have taken pictures of my daughter for a before and after but I promise you it works!

Unfortunately caused my daughter breakout into a rash

It's ok but I thought I try this item ,nut just got bletheritus, but I've cold a bletheritus eye bag, only used it twice, I know Graham is a great company to shop with .

My Mom has diabetes and the other day she had swelling in her lower leg and ankle area accompanied by a rash. She put some of the diabetic cream on before going to bed and when she woke up the next morning, the rash was gone, and the swelling was considerably down. She applied more in the morning and by the afternoon the swelling was also gone.
I also love the hand cream. It glides on beautifully, absorbs quickly and leaves my hands feeling supple and moisturized. And I wash my hands many times a day, but it doesn’t wash off like most hand creams do. Graham’s Natural products are superior quality to anything we’ve tried. I will buy more and I am telling friends and coworkers about it who will be placing orders as well.

Just received

The package arrived today, went to open to package to find that the spout had broken off. Let’s just say some of the body wash has spilled all over the package. Luckily there’s still more than half left.

So far, so good. I wish I would have taken a before pic. I’ve used the cream on small patches on my hands morning and night. Within two weeks, the dry patches have subsided and almost gone away. The large one on my hand is less angry and less irritated. I’ll keep on with this regimen.

Like the cream for great moisturizing.

Rosacea Cream

Really improved my Rosacea! Less redness and makes my skin feel moisturised all day. A bit runny so be careful when opening lid as more comes out of tube than indended at times. Great product though!

Fast delivery, this product worked for my first child waited a long time to be able to order it again to use on my second child. Thank you so much

Bought this for my gf and it's been about a week and she says that's its better than anything else she's uses in the past. So I can't thank yall enough for creating something that actually helps relieve eczema

I’m in love with the product.

Unfortunately this product didn’t work very well. It’s moisturizing and feels nice on my skin, but my eczema flare up only continued to get worse while using it and I had to switch back to my steroid cream to get it under control.

Amazing completely transformed my baby’s awful eczema

This is in just five days , I had tried every eczema steroid from the doctors was all just harming his skin more . This has cleared his whole body in nearly five days I can’t thank you enough . Is worth every penny


Didn’t like the texture of the cream. It feels like cheap cream that has not been mixed properly or had gone bad. I bought 2 of them and both were the same. The cream had little hard pieces inside like when cream dry on top of cap. The gel had an awfull smell to it and texture is almost water. Not satisfied at all. Would not buy again or recommend especially for the price i paid for them and that this is supposed be a product for babies.

Limited effects.


This did not help me atall Im still trying to find a good cream

Unfortunately didn't agree with my skin

Unfortunately didn't agree with the skin on my face but is super as a handcream.

I was having severe scalp itchiness. I'm not sure what causes it as there is no redness or major symptoms of eczema or psoriasis other than a little dandruff. I'm pretty sure I have seborrheic dermatitis that comes and goes. This shampoo immediately relieved my symptoms. My hair felt very clean and soft. I haven't yet tried the cream.

I have super sensitive skin. This sunscreen works for me! Goes on very easily. No white cast as it absorbs into skin. Slightly greasy but it doesn’t bother me.

I am very disappointed with this order, I ordered this for my 14 year old daughter and her skin is now worse from using it.