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Amazing lotion! I have tried everything and this is the only lotion that helped my son’s skin. It was instantly smoother and all his bumps were gone within a week

Do not buy anything else! Absolutely brilliant! Had severe
cracking and peeling on my hands gone after 6 weeks. Cannot recommend this product enough

Less itching, and skin build up, I have placed another order.

Never got my order and went back and forth with the CSR team for months and never got refunded or even a store credit. I even paid for shipping protection.

Wow! Amazing!

I purchased this as a last attempt at helping my scalp eczema. I tried every other shampoo, oil, and serum. So far, this has been great! The shampoo smells good and when used with the cream, I have seen a significant improvement in my scalp! Less dandruff and itching for at least 2 days post wash!

Didn’t help

My package was damaged.

helped so much!

did amazing

got here

Eczema Pack

Helped my skin alot

This brand and product are amazing

After having tried a lot of products for dandruff, this combo was the only one who helped me, Thank you for creating amazing natural products

I didn’t receive my package

Does it’s work!

After a month of using , I can justify and say that it does what it says. I mix both of these and it leaves my babies skin smooth. I also applied a few drops to my babies bath tub with the body oil and will say don’t use too much . Little goes along way or it can get slippery. I also purchased the gel cream and that helps a lot with the inflammation. One thing is I wished they were in the USA. Quicker access but overall, only products that actually worked without steroids

been using for about two months and have not seen a difference. Would not recommend

Best thing ever for rosacea!!

This is the best product I’ve ever used for my rosacea. I’ve struggled with it for years and the redness on my face was just impossible to get rid of. I’ve tried so many different products but this is the first thing that actually made a difference! After about a month I started seeing major results in the reduction of my rosacea. Thank you so much!!!

Face Relief Pack

Didn’t do much to skin

Was not delivered on time

Big difference

Took a while to arrive but begin using it right away. Today is day 4 and unbelievable! What a difference. Wish I took better before pictures oh how severe my baby’s eczema was before using this product. Will do another review after a month .

Hi Ana, Thank you for your review! We're so glad to hear that the Baby Eczema Pack has made an unbelievable difference in your baby's Eczema. We look forward to hearing how she is after a month! It is always the way, so many people forget to take the before photos!!!


Suffered with eczema for years on my legs but this year it progressed onto my arms due to stress and I was becoming very self conscious about it and constantly trying to cover it which was making it worse based on it not being able to breathe. Tried everything the doctors could give me for it and nothing worked. So I thought I would give this a try and honestly within about a fortnight of using it my eczema was gone with very little flare ups and the urge to itch was gone completely. This has been a lifesaver for me every time I start to feel a flare up coming on or an itch happening I apply it and it eases straight away. The photos don’t do it justice to be honest. Would highly recommend this product to everyone and anyone!

Hi Ellie,
Wow, thank you so much for sharing your photos!
Those are incredible.
We are so pleased that we were able to assist your skin journey in just 2 weeks!
Thank you ♡


Thank God it worked!!!! This was my last resort to heal my baby's severe eczema. Today is day 5 and her eczema improved 80%. I'm using the oil and the cream together twice a day. Highly recommend it.

Hi Lina Thank you for your review! We are so happy to hear that our Baby Eczema Body & Bath Oil and Eczema cream was able to help your baby! Shannon :)

My new holy grail!

I was suffering with an itchy flaky scalp and this was the only thing that brought me relief. I have curly hair and was afraid it would dry out my hair but it didn’t affect my curls at all. The ingredients are soothing, it doesn’t have a weird smell like other similar products and a little goes a long way with the way!

Hi Bianca, Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that this product has helped you relieve your itchy scalp! We hope you continue to enjoy it! Shannon :)

Scalp relief shsmpoo

I found it did nothing to help my itchy head if honest


I finished accutane 5 months ago, and since then my scalp has become sensitive, I tried so many different shampoos because everytime i shower my scalp would itch so much from the shampoo (even while showering) and would stay itchy after.
I tried this scalp shampoo 4 times so far and omg, best thing ever!
My scalp doesn’t itch at all, it keeps my scalp fresh and not irritated. FINALLY a shampoo that worked 🎉


The only cream that will make the dry skin on my face and eyelids disappear! It's truly been a game changer for me. Its also been a incredible help for my tsw

Hi Tash,
That is amazing to hear! TSW can be a complex condition to navigate, so we are so glad that we could assist your journey!
We look forward to hearing about your future results too!