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    Therapeutic care packs

    Our therapeutic skin care packs are the best value we offer! These packs are designed to give all the necessary products to treat your condition.
    Therapeutic Skin Care Pack
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    Therapeutic Skin Care Pack from £29.95 GBP £59.90 GBP
    Baby Therapeutic Skin Care Pack
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    Baby Therapeutic Skin Care Pack £29.95 GBP £39.95 GBP
    Rosacea Essential Pack
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    Rosacea Essential Pack £29.95 GBP £37.90 GBP
    Acne Pack
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    Acne Pack £22.95 GBP £29.95 GBP
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    254 reviews

    This is the only cream that helps my eczema, truly a gift.


    Could not recommend Pet Drs. Mega Oil enough!
    We add it too our dogs’ dinner every night!
    They absolutely love it! & Their shiny coats are proof of it!
    They also seem to be licking at their skin a lot less than before we started using it!

    Would love if it came in a bigger size 😜

    Great Product

    This is amazing an product I have severe Eczema and this cream helps sooth my eczema. It doesn’t burn or sting. I will be ordering more just wish it came in a bigger tube.

    So far the shampoo and cream have helped my scalp.

    Scalp care

    Hi ,I’ve started using the cream and than stopped and the itch came back so now I’ve started using again,hopefully I’ll be more consistent.Thank you