Diabetes; How it affects others

Diabetes; How it affects others

November is Diabetes month and the team at Grahams want to talk about the condition and its impact.

Diabetes is often seen as a one-person disease however it needs to be seen as a disease that those around the sufferer, conquer as well.

If you are suffering with the disease, those around you can also feel the impact. Your closest support network can feel the emotional, physical, and financial adjustments that the disease brings on. When diagnosed with diabetes, one can feel depressed or frustrated and often those around us feel fear of the unknown or the risks associated with the disease, stress of trying to help the sufferer combat the disease and anxiety about the future.

As those around us deal with the emotional impact of their loved one being diagnosed with diabetes, the physical impact slowly can dawn. Whether it be your mum, dad, brother, or partner who is your support person, the emotional impact can lead to a physical impact. The stress and anxiety associated with the disease can cause physical health problems such as High Blood Pressure, headaches or in extreme cases heart disease. These side effects of stress and anxiety are drastic on the physical body.

Majority of chronic illnesses are heavy on our wallets due to the increased care they need. Age is another large deciding factor as the younger you are when diagnosed the more your medical expenses will be.

In any family, the financial situation can be a stressor point. The pile up of insurance claims and medications combined with the frequent doctor visits can become stressful. However, it is vital to that the financial stress does not make you feel guilty as any supporter wants to see you happy and healthy and therefore do not see the financial cost as a burden.

Having a healthy support and family dynamic is vital in ensuring the mental, emotional, and physical health of both you and your support people. Ensure that both you and your family talk about the disease and what it means and how it will or is impacting both your lives. If you are a family member of a person with diabetes, your support is essential to positively contribute to their health outcomes.

Diabetes is a complex disease to live with - that is why family support is so important to the health of the sufferer. Understanding the emotional, financial and physical impacts can help those living with diabetes.