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    Incredible Results! How our Psoriasis Cream healed this woman's skin!

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    Real Ingredients, Real Results!

    After seeing the Grahams brand on the Australian Made Products Facebook page, this young woman decided to purchase our Psoriasis Care Pack to test out on her skin. Here is her story:

    "Back in December 2019, I got sunburnt on a day out and following the burn was a strange rash like area on several parts of my skin. I visited many doctors who all couldn’t give me an answer. Finally I went to a dermatologist and was diagnosed with trauma induced psoriasis.

    We tried many harsh creams on my skin such as acid tar cream as well as a strong steroid cream which cleared it up slightly however it was still there and noticeable!

    A family member of mine stumbled across your Facebook and told me to try your products out. I like to try and be as natural as possible so i bought a few of your items.

    After about a week of using the psoriasis cream frequently, I found that it began to work.

    Today i still have very slight dots but no where near what it was 6 months ago."


    Psoriasis cream that cured a woman from her psorasis

    Grahams Natural Psoriasis Cream

    Grahams Natural Psoriasis Cream is scientifically formulated to treat psoriasis naturally. Psoriasis is completely different from eczema, and as such needs to be treated differently.

    Grahams Natural psoriasis cream is a topical emollient therapy, to be used in conjunction with professional medical management of psoriasis. It works to hydrate the skin and relieve the common symptoms of psoriasis.

    Key Benefits of our Psoriasis Cream:

    • Antibacterial: Active Manuka Honey helps to control bacteria on the skin, naturally
    • Hydration: Moisturising ingredients to hydrate the skin, facilitating the removal of dead skin and epidermal re-hydration

    Natural, effective psoriasis treatment for psoriasis sufferers

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    345 reviews
    Psoriasis Cream
    Linden B.
    has helped

    Just got around to use it it has helped a lot of my skin problems i am on a pension and can not aford much i will put money away each fortnight . Thankyou.

    Thank you !

    We have tried many products on the market and finally found the one that works for my teenage daughter.
    No harsh chemicals and great smelling . Our hairdresser was even impressed when we took it
    to the first appointment! He wanted to know all
    the details ( where to buy ) for his wife who also
    suffers from eczema !
    We use this conditioner along with the shampoo which is amazing ! Have been using these products for over 1 year . Smell great and lather up well.
    Thank you for making


    I love this and keeping bought this many times
    And even share it with my friend who’s living in Taiwan

    Baby eczema cream

    This cream is amazing!! We tried all types of different creams and this has actually helped!!

    Much Improved

    Our Jack Russell has had a grass allergy on her feet for a couple of years. Vets have prescribed ointment and a monthly injection, but after using the Derma Cream, her paws are less inflamed and she is not holding her paws up as much as she used to.