Managing Psoriasis in Winter

Managing Psoriasis in Winter

Many skin condition sufferers that have eczema or psoriasis understand the impact that winter cam have on their skin.

If you suffer with psoriasis – you already know the winter challenge ahead. There are multiple reasons for winter being bad news for psoriasis sufferers with the main reason being the drop in temperature. As winter approaches the temperature drops making the humidity level drop as well. Without a reasonable level of humidity, the air is striped of moisture further drying out your skin. With moisture being removed from the skin, psoriasis often flares up and can become more sensitive and uncomfortable.

There are however some practical ways to combat dry winter skin and psoriasis flare ups.

Moisture: Keep your skin moist – this reduces redness and itching. Use moisturizing soap to aid further in hydrating the skin.

For effective psoriasis treatment in winter using moisturizer will help provide relief

Choose lukewarm baths: Showers in hot water remove moisture and essential oils in the skin. A better option is to sprinkle body oil into a warm bath and soak for around 15 minutes. Soaking helps soothe the itching and helps to cast off scales.

For effective psoriasis treatment in winter having a soaking bath provides relief

If possible, use a humidifier: In winter, the humidity drops in the air removing the moisture within the skin. Using a humidifier at home will add moisture back into the air and allows water to be added back into your skin.

Psoriasis in winter can be painful thats why humidifiers work to add moisture to the skin

Drink water: Drinking plenty of water in winter will pump up your moisture. Some beverage swaps such as swapping coffee for green tea will see additional hydration added to your skin.

Drinking water helps with sufferers of psoriasis to add hydration to their skin

Effective Treatment: Using a psoriasis cream in addition to moisturizer will help to relieve the common symptoms of psoriasis. Choose a naturally formulated cream to reduce the absorption of harsh chemicals and steroids into your skin. Grahams Natural psoriasis cream works to hydrate the skin and provide antibacterial relief through the use of ingredients such as Manuka Honey.

Natural psoriasis cream for effective treatment of psoriasis

Combining these practical tips and tricks to help combat the affects of winter on the skin will help to control psoriasis flare ups caused by winter air.