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    Is it Rosacea or Acne?

    • 2 min read

    Redness and breakouts generally are linked to acne, but could it be rosacea?

    Rosacea and acne have previously been known as “ acne rosacea” acting under the belief that the two conditions were related. However there is now no known connection between the acne and rosacea.

    Rosacea is another skin condition that appears with acne-like breakouts and redness. The easy distinguishing factor between rosacea and acne is comedones. Comedones are open or clogged pores that are not inflamed. Comedones are specific and prevalent for acne.  There is still some confusion amongst the public as rosacea sufferers can encounter bumps and pimples, and may mistakenly self-diagnose themselves as having acne.

    An open comedone is essentially a blackhead, whereas a closed comedone will be white in the center and will have a thin layer over the top. If you suffer from inflammatory acne, the overgrowth of bacteria will cause the comedones to swell – this will eventually turn into big, red, pus-filled cysts. Acne has become one of the largest and well-known skin conditions with the condition affecting over 600 million people worldwide. Although the effect to the skin is prevalent, the affect to mental and emotional well-being is considerable causing social withdrawal and self esteem drop.

    Rosacea on the other hand is a skin condition where the inflammatory response can cause irritation, leading to swollen red bumps. Rosacea tends to be triggered by elements such as sunlight, heat, cold, stress, alcohol, hot drinks, and spicy foods. Rosacea often leads to sensitive skin which can trigger when harsh skin-care products are used.

    Acne is often triggered by hormonal fluctuations which is why it is most linked to puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause.


    *Remember that rosacea is triggered externally while acne is triggered internally*

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    I absolutely Love the day age defying cream but I am hanging out for the night cream to return to the market. I Love that your company is Aussie made and not only that started so that you could give the best care possible for your son. My first son suffered terribly from eczema so I know how it feels to be a parent and feel helpless especially when you are telling them constantly not to scratch when all they need to do is scratch.

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