Natural soap - Our guide to picking the right one!

Natural soap - Our guide to picking the right one!

Natural soap - Grahams Natural guide

Hello and welcome to another Grahams Natural Blog post! Today’s talk is all about natural soap; which ingredients are good, which to avoid and why you should always go with our natural soap! 

How damaging are toxic soaps?  

Let’s start off by saying that some of these chemicals in soaps that you are using are more than likely actually worse for your skin in the long term, don’t get me wrong, they work, but cheaply made products are not going to be healthy for your skin!

The most common problems with see with chemical based soaps, is that some people have serious reactions to the chemicals, leaving the skin irritated, dry & cracked. Not good. Our company specialises in natural based products for this exact reason, we have developed a whole range of natural based products over the course of 16 years. What we have noticed is that if you do have regular skin irritations & problems, it is most likely chemicals in your everyday products causing this. Many people in the service industry such as: hospitality & mechanics, will often have skin irritations from the constant use of chemical products used on their hands, which would always recommend for them to switch to a natural soap alternative! So what ingredients could be causing these irritations? 

What ingredients should I avoid?  

Okay so let’s get down to business:

- Formaldehyde
- PEG-6
- Scent
- Dioxane
- Sodium tree sulfate (SLS)
- Parabens
- Triclosan
- Diethanolamine (or DEA)

    Now you don’t really have to know what each of these ingredients do or how they harm your skin, just know that they are BAD! (However, if you like knowing stuff like that, a simple google is easy to do! FYI - You won't die from these like WebMD suggests)

    You would be surprised how many households would have these soaps or detergents with these ingredients in them! 

    So, what ingredients should I be on the lookout for? 

    Well this really comes down to preference on smell and texture! Our natural soaps main ingredients consist of manuka honey (amazing antibacterial properties), palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil & neem. These ingredients are great for people with dry and sensitive skin, that is why we always recommend it for people with eczema, psoriasis & dermatitis!

    If you are going to purchase a natural soap all I hope you do is LOOK ON THE BACK! Any of those bad ingredients are a huge no-no! Also, some companies like to trick customers with special names for ingredients, so always be on the lookout for that as well! 

    Research, Research, Research!

    One of our top tips for searching for a soap bar is to research before you go to the store! Massive companies spend millions of dollars each year marketing their products so they sound better than they actually are. Most people will see a big brand with a 50% discount in store and instantly buy it, not checking whether the ingredients are doing more harm than good!

    Our suggestion? If you have an idea of what soap you are going to purchase, you can research it here on EWG Database. They list all of the ingredients and also give you a rating of the ingredients based on heavy testing & research. The only problem is that it hard to know if the soap actually works! 

    What would you recommend?  

    Not to toot our own horn, but our natural soap is clearly one of the best on the market. We developed this soap for achieving one goal. "Make a 100% natural soap that works and smells great." Well, we nailed it, our soap has been on the market years and we sell in almost all natural health foods stores and pharmacies. Take a look here and you will see why, there is a list of all our ingredients and how they will actually benefit your skin!

    To conclude, if you are ever in need of a soap, make sure you read the back and take a look at the ingredients used, if you see something fishy, it is probably best to put it back!