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    What is Discoid Eczema? And How to Treat it?

    • 2 min read

    Discoid eczema is a rash that appears on the skin that look like red coin-shaped discs. It causes an inflammation on the skin and can be extremely itchy and uncomfortable.

    Some other people may know it as nummular dermatitis or nummular eczema, due to its coin like shape.

    It can affect anywhere on the body, although it is mainly found on the lower legs, hands and forearms. Unfortunately it is a chronic condition, which means it is long term. Fortunately there are a few treatments we can implement to reduce the itch and discomfort.


     Like most skin conditions, the causes are unknown but it is most likely to affect people with dry, sensitive skin that is easily irritated by body products and detergents.

    People who have atopic eczema may find they are more prone to it.

    It is also more common through the winter months as the dry air effects peoples skin drastically.


    • Round or oval shaped red plaques
    • Raised and scaling on a red base that has a defined edge
    • Extremely itchy
    • Patch sizes can range from 2-10cm
    • Weeping and pus (could be sign of infection)
    • Burning or stinging
    • Very dry and scaly


    The main treatment for discoid eczema is an emollient cream. For more severe cases, contact your doctor!

    Unfortunately there is no cure, but treatments can greatly relieve some of the pain and discomfort! Some treatments you can implement at home include, bathing in a natural oil. This allows the oil to penetrate deep into the skin, replacing that lost moisture. After, massage the excess oil into the skin and pat the skin dry. If you don’t have a bath you can apply the oil directly to the skin before the shower, that way the water will run right off the skin and therefore protecting it from the water! After apply your emollient cream on top to further hydrate and protect the skin.

    Because the skin is so dry, it is important to apply your oil and cream topically throughout the day (two-four times daily) to reduce the itch. During the night if you find yourself ripping your skin apart, try bandaging the affect areas. Read our how to guide here.


    If your discoid eczema has reduce drastically, it is best to continue with some treatment in case it comes back! Here are some prevention tips;

    • Always moisturise and take regular oil baths
    • Never rub the skin dry, always pat it
    • Try not use harsh chemical soaps that could be stripping the natural oils from your skin
    • Wearing loose fitted clothing
    • Avoid super hot baths and showers
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