Eczema in children and babies

What may aggravate your babies eczema?
Heat, letting the skin get dry and prickle aggravate eczema.  Keep your child cool, apply plenty of moisturiser and dress them in loose, light cotton or bamboo clothing and blankets. More information can be found on eczema here.
baby eczema treatment

Dryness & the skin

Keep your child’s skin moisturised as much as possible during the day, this will help with the dryness.  Water, air-blowing heaters, cleaning agents, soap, swimming and the environment can all be drying to your child’s skin..

Can my child go swimming?

Yes, but if they are having flare ups your doctor may suggest the swimming stops until the eczema gets better. Before swimming we recommend you apply moisturiser to the skin.  After swimming wash the chorine/salt water with cool fresh water apply bath oil, and then apply a moisturiser before dressing.

Is my child allergic to foods?

10% of children with eczema have food allergies. Children who have food allergies may have extremely itchy skin without the redness. Other children may develop a hives reaction to foods straight away or within a couple of hours after food. These reactions generally start in the early months and often your child will grow out of them. If you are worried your child might have food allergies, keep a diary and your child’s skin reaction to these foods to show to your doctor.  Foods that cause allergies are; egg, dairy, seafood, nuts, beef, chicken, wheat, acidic fruit and junk food. When you introduce a new food it is best to only give a small amount of each new food. Don’t restrict your child's diet without consulting a doctor.

How will I know if my child's eczema is infected and what should I do if it is?

When eczema gets infected it will crust (normally yellow in colour), it might weep, and is normally a sudden change in the eczema. It might be itchier than normal painful to touch. In severe cases your child might find it hard to extend their elbows or knees. It is common for children with uncontrollable eczema to get secondary infections. The reasons behind eczema becoming infected is usually because the child scratches and breaks the skin. One small infected area can flare other areas of eczema. If you believe the eczema to be infected go to your family doctor and have the infected areas swabbed and treated.

How to Guide

Here is our how to guide which is packed full of information on using the Baby Eczema Cream and Baby Eczema Body & Bath Oil. This is an essential guide for controlling eczema, dry and irritated skin.

Bed time routine!

 Bed time can be challenging and we suggest to take 2 step approach. 

Step 1:

Bath (tepid water) in Grahams Eczema Body & Bath Oil, this will barrier and protect the skin throughout the night. This can be the worst time as they can unconsciously scratch and wake up red, bleeding and itchy. Keeping the skin moist while they sleep is key! You can continue to apply the oil throughout the day if required.

Step 2:

Then apply the Graham Baby Eczema Cream to the areas that are red and inflamed. This will help with the redness and control any inflammation on the skin.eczema treatment for babies To find out what may causing your childs eczema we recommend to download our Eczema trigger tracker now!

We also have a useful baby eczema resource bundle that you can download here.