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    Why should I use Grahams Natural products for my skin issues?

    We at Grahams Natural deliver an unprecedented proposition – natural ingredients, formula transparency and clinical efficacy. We are proof that natural skin care can be legitimately clinical. Our studies go beyond the level of clinical rigour traditionally set out in the area of ‘skin treatments’.

    Not only do we provide natural formulations that support the health and function of the precious skin barrier, but we deliver results.

    Your Eczema, Psoriasis and Rosacea Creams say they are a Class I Medical Device. What is this?

    A Class l Medical Device is a worldwide recognition of our products ingredients. Meaning that all of the ingredients must have scientific and clinical data that is proven to assist in the management of the condition. Some companies use 1 or 2 active ingredients, but we use a ‘football team’ full of ingredients that all have a part to play in making a product work on the condition that we are claiming ie: Eczema.

    This gives you piece of mind that the product you are using has clinical evidence behind it. 

    Are your products tested on animals?

    Absolutely not! We love testing our new products on ourselves first. They are natural products so do not require anything more.

    Are ALL product ingredients listed on the packaging?

    YES! Grahams Natural takes pride in our formulations and want to share this with our customers. As many of our customers have allergies or sensitive skin, we want you know EXACTLY what you are putting on your skin. Therapeutic Products (Aust L) actually have no requirement to list all of their ingredients, our regulations are one step above this (Class I Medical Device) and we want to share these great natural ingredients with you!

    Where should I store my Grahams Natural and do your products have an expiry date?

    All Grahams Natural Therapeutic products for Adults and Baby have a shelf life of 36 months if stored under 30 degrees, away from sunlight. Grahams Natural Body & Hair Care that do not have a stamped expiry date are minimum 24 months once opened.

    Can I use Grahams Natural Baby and Kids products on a newborn?

    YES! All of our baby and kids’ products are especially formulated and suitable for newborns but we suggest you patch test first to check for allergies to any natural ingredients.

    Is Grahams Natural safe to use during pregnancy?

    Absolutely! All our products use natural ingredients. However, we always suggest that it is best to tell your doctor that you are using our brand whilst pregnant.

    What is eczema?

    Eczema is a condition where patches of skin become inflamed, itchy, red, cracked, and rough. Blisters may sometimes occur. It can be by triggered by environmental factors, food or hereditary. It is usually different for everyone. There is no cure for this condition, so it is more about managing the condition.

     What causes inflammation?

    Inflammation of the skin is different for everybody, as mentioned before, the most common triggers are:

    Alcohol - Smoking
    Poor diet - Stress
    Sleep  Allergies

    What do you suggest using on my inflamed skin?

    We always suggest using the C+ Eczema Cream with the Grahams Body & Bath Oil in combination. We have found that using the Grahams Oil on the skin first to hydrate and protect the skin and then using the C+ Eczema Cream to help with the inflammation and bacteria are the most effective treatment for the skin. Once the top 2 layers of skin become compromised that is when the skin becomes red and itchy. To prevent this, you need to hydrate the skin to control the itching. Our products are designed to

    Hydrate the skin
    Treat the inflammation
    Treat the infection

    What is Psoriasis & what does it look like?

    Psoriasis is an over production and build-up of skin cells. It is risen, scaly, red patches, and causes the skin to itch. Stress is a common trigger for a psoriasis flare. There is no cure for psoriasis, but you can manage symptoms. Lifestyle measures, such as moisturising, quitting smoking and managing stress may help. Grahams Psoriasis cream was formulated to help improve the condition of the skin by providing natural ingredients that enables the skin to retain moisture more effectively, thus  soothing, smoothing and hydrating the skin.

    I am tired of concealing my Rosacea daily, what do you suggest I use to help with the redness?

    We have developed a natural product with clinically tested ingredients to help to calm, cool and soothe the skin affected by Rosacea. Our Rosacea Cream is an effective treatment which is best kept in the fridge so when you have a flare, it is calming and soothing on the skin. Leave on the skin as a mask for 20 minutes then wash off. This will calm down the capillaries and minimise the redness.  Use as a daily moisturiser or night cream for ongoing care and treatment.

    If you have any further enquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact form.

    ★ Grahams Natural Reviews

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    560 reviews
    Some improvement

    There has been some minor improvement to severe eczema on hands and arms. Decrease i n itchiness of the skin. Will keep persisting to see if more improvement.

    Fabulous product

    I bought Grahams Conditioner as a recommended replacement for a botanical product from a company that had ceased trading. It is a brilliant find as it is gentle and soothing on my itchy scalp and leaves my hair soft and manageable. My only concern is that despite being listed as a UK company it came all the way from Australia……not good for my carbon footprint! Hopefully I will be able to find some nearer to home soon.

    Only this works

    Soothes itchiness caused by sensitivity

    SO light and un-aggravating

    Normally with my eczema lotion feels so heavy and can cause me to itch more, it's like you can feel it too much on your skin but not this! The oil and the lotion are so light that I don't have to wait around for it to dry and I don't have to restrain myself from itching it off! It's great! I can just put it on and get dressed and get in bed no problem! I wish it was sold more conveniently in the US but it was so worth it I may just order again! 20/10

    Great product

    I'm ordering my second tube of this gel, as it worked so well on my German Shepherd's recent hot spot. She tolerated it well (it is clearly soothing), & it took the swelling and redness down almost straight away each time we applied. We did need to keep applying it regularly for about a week, as she had a very raw, swollen patch of skin. Alternating the gel with Derma Cream was very effective.