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    Natural Baby Eczema Cream


    We know first hand how difficult it is to watch your children suffer from eczema. That’s why we’ve developed a naturally formulated Baby Eczema Cream with clinically tested ingredients.

    • Our Baby Eczema Cream has been developed to relieve the symptoms of eczema, dermatitis, itchy dry skin and minor skin irritations. We’ve selected the best ingredients to soothe and repair your children’s skin.

      For best results, we recommend using with our Baby Body & Bath Oil. If you want to purchase the Baby Eczema Cream and the Baby Body & Bath Oil, save up to 25% with our Baby Therapeutic Skin Care Pack.


      • Calms & reduces inflammation
      • Keeps skin hydrated
      • Antibacterial
      • Relieves & soothes itchy skin
      • Gentle on the skin
      • Scientifically formulated using all natural ingredients
    • Apply Grahams Natural Baby Eczema Cream as often as required to keep the affected area moist (2-3 times per day). Use a small amount spread thinly over your skin. Always follow directions from your doctor, and refer to the instructions provided.

      Always read the label. Use only as directed and if symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

      We highly recommend completing a patch test before first use.

    • Water, Cocoa butter, Olive oil, Shea butter, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Vanilla tincture, Colloidal Oatmeal, Allantoin, Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate, Cetyl alcohol (vegetable), Caprylic/capric triglyceride, Cetearyl glucoside, Cetostearyl alcohol, Bisabolol, Sclerotium gum.


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    Our top tips for eczema and dermatitis management are:

    • Keep the skin moist
    • Learn what triggers your eczema
    • Maintain a healthy diet

    Check out our recent blogs for more information on diet, skincare and how to guides.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Rachael G.

    My daughter has the such dry skin and eczema and this eczema cream has cleared it almost completely up! I’m absolutely amazed with the results, we have tried so many creams that have never worked, until I bought this one. Will definitely be purchasing again!

    Baby Eczema Cream

    Firstly, thank you for your amazing Baby Eczema Cream - it is the only cream that has worked for our darling daughter. I just wanted to know if you will be bringing out a bigger size than 150mL/pump pack, or if we should buy the regular eczema cream now, as she is now 20mths? Just as we go through a lot of cream

    Baby moisturising lotion

    Hi Geoff, Our daughter Alice has had eczema since she was about 6 weeks old. Long story short your baby moisturising lotion product has been a life changer, Alice no longer has the need for steroid creams if we use the moisturiser twice a day. I'm glad that you reached out as I only saying to my husband the other day I wish it came in a squeeze tube like the eczema cream product- the pump is only good for the first two thirds of the product then it becomes really annoying to get the bottom third out (especially when you have an impatient toddler running around after bath time). It would also be helpful if it had a larger size option as the smaller 125ml doesn't last us very long when we are covering her head to toe. Many thanks for making an amazing product, Alice is now a very happy bubbly child and no longer a sick child uncomfortable with eczema. Kind regards, Heather

    Baby Eczema Cream

    Hi Geoff, What an amazing product you have made! Right from the start our little baby girl had very sensitive skin. She had the worst nappy rash that made her cry every nappy change and during her bath times. It was heartbreaking to see her in pain, especially as first time parents. Using the nappy rash cream you designed helped to soothe her bottom so well. Then we found she had sensitive skin when it came to using generic bath washes and creams. So we went straight to your product and could not be happier! They are fantastic and it helps moisturize her skin so well as she was starting to get slight peeling on her arms and face. It is so reassuring to know that what we are putting on her skin will not cause any irritation and discomfort. Honestly so happy that I found your product after seeing it advertised on TV one night. So thank you for creating such a great product that we are confident to use and recommend to friends and family. Warm regards, Katie

    Baby Eczema Cream

    Hi Grahams, I have some feedback from my daughter-in-law about the baby products and thought I would pass it on. My granddaughter (Thea) (cute as a button) is now 8 months old, started getting dry skin and eczema when she was approx. 5 months old so naturally I bombarded her with the products along with the story and education. She used the oil several times a day which included in her bath at night time & the baby eczema cream when needed. She was totally surprised at how well it worked together. She found an eczema patch on her cheek so she popped a little on there but it seemed a bit to strong for there as it made it very red almost like a burn. I suggested to just use a small amount of oil daily instead which has done the trick. You sent me awhile ago a baby moisturising cream and baby body wash so I gave it to her to try. Now a month down the track she has her own little routine going with the baby body wash for in the bath instead of the oil and she uses the oil afterwards which then still hydrates during the night. During the day she alternates between the oil and moisturising cream. She found this combination works well for Thea and she rarely has to use the baby eczema cream. She has not had to use the cradle cap oil much but said when she did it worked a treat! She is still using the nappy cream too. Just wanted to share a success story. It is also great as she goes to Mum and baby groups etc Any chance of CWH taking on the baby body wash? Regards, Sue

    Best cream ever!

    Used this in conjunction with the baby eczema bath oil, what a power combo!! My baby stopped itching, her redness disappeared and she was much happier! I had tried other products but she still itched and was uncomfortable, with no progress, only temporary hydration. Any new patches were sorted in a few days. This actually treated her eczema, she now she has no eczema, no flair ups (touch wood) and no scars! Highly recommend. Good value, great customer support also.

    Angela C.
    Absolutely love it! I am

    Absolutely love it! I am an adult who uses it and i can't complement it enought. Im usually allergic to most creams but this one is soothing and feels great on. Other adults that have tried mine also have said how nice it feels on.

    My daughters skin

    Hi Geoff... I emailed a while ago regarding my daughter, Josie now 7 months skin. I just wanted to say how we continue to be impressed with your products. I have had another follow up with the paediatrian today and took the sooth it balm in to show her what we use in flare ups and before swimming or going out in windy weather. She put some on her skin and was impressed on how moisturising it was. A friend of mine also emailed the other day with a photo of her 8 week old daughters face. I said it looked like ezecema not milk pimples. She saw a GP and it was ezecema. I got her onto your products and she is impressed. I religiously use the kids ezecema cream morning and night and the sooth it balm on Josies face before and after swimming plus in flare ups and I feel so confident as a parent that I am doing the right thing by her so thank you once again for such an amazing product. Jen

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    254 reviews

    This is the only cream that helps my eczema, truly a gift.


    Could not recommend Pet Drs. Mega Oil enough!
    We add it too our dogs’ dinner every night!
    They absolutely love it! & Their shiny coats are proof of it!
    They also seem to be licking at their skin a lot less than before we started using it!

    Would love if it came in a bigger size 😜

    Great Product

    This is amazing an product I have severe Eczema and this cream helps sooth my eczema. It doesn’t burn or sting. I will be ordering more just wish it came in a bigger tube.

    So far the shampoo and cream have helped my scalp.

    Scalp care

    Hi ,I’ve started using the cream and than stopped and the itch came back so now I’ve started using again,hopefully I’ll be more consistent.Thank you