Benefits of a healthy diet for the skin

Benefits of a healthy diet for the skin

When people talk about diet, they usually think about weight, but the fact is that the diet we practice affects many different aspects of our health. For example, food has a direct impact on the skin. In other words, you can’t expect to have healthy skin if your diet is poor and inadequate.

Modern skin care products can definitely help you nurture the skin, but without a healthy diet these effects will be limited and won’t last for a long period of time. The things we eat and what the body ingests has a much greater impact on the overall appearance and condition of our skin. A healthy diet is a diet that includes raw minerals, vitamins, other nutrients, acids, phytochemicals and other useful compounds that our skin and body need on a daily basis. The fact is that there are some foods that are loaded with the nutrients and elements that are crucial for the health of our skin.

If you are still not sure why and how a healthy diet provides help to your skin, keep reading because we will highlight some of the benefits of a healthy diet on your skin. 

1. Moisturising effects

Skin dryness is one of the most common skin issues in modern men and women. In most cases, poor diet is the main cause that leads to this issue. Following a healthy diet means eating sufficient amount of healthy fats. These essential fatty acids are able to preserve the moisture and suppleness of your skin. They keep the skin moisturised naturally both inside and out.

Keep in mind that practising a healthy diet doesn’t mean the complete elimination of fats. There are healthy fats that are beneficial not only for the skin but for the body in general. Thanks to these fats, the body is able to absorb all the nutrients in a proper way and use their content in the best possible way. Wild fish, avocados, seeds, nuts and olive oil are some great sources of healthy fats.

 2. Prevent wrinkles

 Several scientific studies in the last two decades have shown that there is a direct link between the occurrence of wrinkles (and fine lines) and our diet. Obviously, a healthy diet can prevent the formation of wrinkles. As we all know, wrinkles make people look significantly older, so a healthy diet can provide an anti-aging effect too. A healthy diet can optimise the production of collagen, a compound crucial for the elasticity of the skin and the health of skin cells. One of the ways in which proper diet will stabilise the production of collagen in the body is by cutting down the amount of sugar you take. 

3. Fights acne 

A healthy diet can help people prevent and eliminate acne. This is a very common skin disorder that ruins people’s confidence and leads to many other secondary health issues. A healthy diet requires radical reduction of consumption of sugar. If you want to follow a healthy diet, you will need to satisfy your sugar cravings by eating low glycemic foods like berries for example. Additionally, it is a good idea to lower the intake of starchy foods because they can increase blood sugar levels and that’s not good for the skin because it supports inflammation and acne. Consume more healthy fats, lean protein, and leafy green veggies and avoid sugar to fight acne. 

4. Beauty to your lips

The winter period is the time of the year when many people get dry lips. However, in case you are experiencing such problem all year round, then it is very likely that you lack B vitamins and zinc. Following a healthy diet on a regular basis will help you bring back these nutrients in the system. Some good examples of foods that contain B vitamins and zinc are organic yogurt, fish, nuts, seeds and cacao which excellent for plump lips! (Source: Lux) 

5. Makes your skin radiant

When people don’t take care of what they eat and drink, it won’t take much time before their skin starts looking lifeless and dull. This is quite natural because improper diet means that there are some crucial nutrients and other compounds that our body misses. The simplest way to solve this problem is to consume healthy, natural foods. Start slowly by replacing processed foods with natural foods. It won’t take much time before your skin starts looking radiant and fresh. 

6. Keeps the areas around your eyes protected

 Puffy eyes and dark under eye circles are a common problem in modern men and women and it turns out that diet plays important role in their formation. Include more low-sugar foods and food with high glycemic carbohydrates to protect the skin around your eyes.

 These are just some of the main health benefits of eating a clean & nutritious diet. If you are overweight or could lose a few kilograms, the best way to start is by lowering your calories! If you need help with lowering your daily calorie intake, I would suggest an XLR8 Shake!