Eczema on the hands, and how to treat it!

Eczema on the hands, and how to treat it!

How to treat eczema on hands

Hand eczema is a relatively common, benign condition of the skin of the hand. It’s estimated that around 10% of the population in the United States is dealing with this condition, and it’s especially common among people that work in then cleaning industry, or the healthcare industry, or the hairdressing industry, because these people have a lot more frequent contact than what is deemed normal with abrasive chemicals that may end up ruining their skin.

But, fear not, because hand eczema has shown to be improvable when under certain treatments. And it’s also a relatively benign condition, and except being a minor nuisance for you once it flares up, proves to be little more than just that – a minor nuisance.

 If it really bothers you though, there are certain things you should try out in order to purge it. First of all, we have mentioned that people in various industries that deal with certain chemicals on a frequent basis have increased incidence of hand eczema. So, if you’re a worker in these industries, then consider methods of protection of your hands from these chemicals, perhaps by wearing protective gloves during your contact with them, or you can even change the place where you work, in extreme cases.

Next off, you’ll need to protect yourself in your home environment as well. Don’t wash your hands too frequently. Some people believe that they have to wash their hands compulsively all the time if they are not to be contaminated by infectious diseases – but this isn’t the case at all. And what’s even worse, a compulsive hand washing habit may damage your skin and worsen your hand eczema, because each time you wash your hands you strip off some of the protective oils that the skin naturally produces, and this may leave your skin vulnerable.

 If you find that the dryness of the affected skin is intolerable, then you may try the following solution. First off, you can put your hands into lukewarm water for 5-10 minutes, and then pat them dry. Then you can add petroleum-based ointment on your hands, and insert them into cotton gloves. Keep them in the cotton gloves for half an hour, and do this two times a day. You’ll most likely realize that it improves the condition of your hands drastically. But if you don’t really have the time or nerve to wear cotton gloves for 30 minutes two times a day, then you can only do the first portion of this solution, which is to keep your hands immersed into lukewarm water for 5-10 minutes, as this too can have a beneficial impact. 

Really hot water has a bad impact on your skin as well. We all know that hot showers are among the few gifts of God that we can enjoy in modern life, but if you have underlying skin conditions, then our best advice is to dial back on the hotness of the water you use when you shower. Use lukewarm water instead, as hot showers are shown to be detrimental when you have certain skin conditions, such as hand eczema. 

And use cleansers and moisturisers that are “fragrance free” as these fragrances frequently have chemicals that may worsen the condition. And if all of these remedies fail to improve your condition, then our advice to you is to check up with a doctor immediately, as they’ll be able to assist you in the management of this condition. A big part of the science dealing with hand eczema, and hand eczema in particular, is veiled in mystery – we still don’t really know how to cure it completely, or even what causes it. But with these treatment options you can improve your condition dramatically, and even completely alleviate it, in certain cases.

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