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    How good is coconut oil for eczema?

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    Coconut wonder

    Using coconut oil for eczema

    Coconut oil is one of the most wonderful organic oils available on the market. This oil is completely safe to use for both children and adults. In fact, there are many benefits and uses for coconut oil. It is commonly used for hair care, relieve skin diseases, improve digestion, and treat several infections. Basically, people are using coconut oil for almost anything! Check out #coconutoil on Instagram for some inspo!

    Coconut oil can do wonders, and has really trended in the last few years! It does not need a prescription, and it is safe to use at any time of the day by anybody – babies, children, and adults. It can also be used as part of a daily beauty regimen on the face, body, and hair. We have been using coconut oil for a while now in our shampoo & conditioner! It definitely leaves the scalp feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

    Using coconut oil for eczema

    Eczema is a condition that causes the skin to flare-up, making it appear reddish and itchy with scaly rashes. It is seen more in infants and children, it usually appears on the elbows, ankles, neck, wrists, knees, behind the knees, and even on the arms. This condition also varies depending on the severity. We would of course suggest our natural skin care range of products, however we have also seen some great benefits from applying coconut oil to directly to the skin & also incorporating it into your diet!

    One important thing to remember when going gluten free is that many gluten-free products are far more expensive and can actually be unhealthy for you. It is important to adopt a diet that is healthy overall, and that will compensate for the lack of iron and magnesium that will occur when dietary sources such as bread and other food items that contain gluten are removed.  

    Here are some of the benefits of coconut oil:

    Moisturising the skin: 

    People who have skin problems have very dry and scaly skin, this is where it becomes itchy. Using coconut oil can give and maintain the skin moisture, which will help relieve some of the pain from consistently scratching. Coconut oil, when applied, can be absorbed by the skin and repair the skin’s tissue. Thus, it improves the appearance and the feel of the skin. The skin will no longer be rough and inflamed.

    Nourish the skin: 

    Coconut oil contains fatty acids that strengthen the skin’s connective tissue and make it strong, elastic, and suppler. This gives it a nourishing feel that is left on the skin.  

    Fights Bacteria: 

    It also has an anti-microbial capacity that can treat eczema and fight the bacteria that causes it. Not only is coconut oil safe to use because it is all organic, but it also has different minerals & vitamins that are all beneficial to both skin and hair.

    Eczema in babies 

    A high percentage of babies often have skin problems (which they will grow out of eventually), using coconut oil especially in babies is a great natural alternative to chemical based products. I would recommend other ingredients such as shea butter, colloidal oatmeal & jojoba oil like our cream. 

    Babies easily respond to discomfort and having eczema triggers them. Unlike adults, babies cannot control their urge to scratch their skin, leaving their skin more inflamed, scaly, and wounded. Babies usually go forth and cry all their heart outs due to the discomfort.

    Using coconut oil for the scalp

    Eczema-affected scalp or often called as seborrheic dermatitis condition results in scalp itchiness and extreme dryness. In fact, it affects at least six million adults and children in the USA. This condition is usually caused by stress, fatigue, skin allergies, medications, lack of sleep, or depression, to name a few.

    Using coconut oil on the scalp is another effective wonder by the said oil. Apply a liberal amount of it directly on the scalp for better results. It will nourish and provide moisture to the affected areas to stop dryness, itchiness, and inflammation.

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    Derma cream stops the itch but I do recommend to seek the cause of itch eg food allergies My dog on raw diet which minimise s problems. I use the cream on my mosquito bites with instant relief !

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