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    What skin type are you? Read more here!

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    What skin type are you?

    We love helping people with their skin problems or just general health and well being of their skin, and yes, we see many different types of skin throughout the many years in the skin care industry!

    We often use the “Grahams” graph to help us determine what products they should use for their skin type!

    So, let’s see what skin type you are!

    TYPE 1: The burner 

    No matter how little or long you spend in the sun, you burn and when the burn goes away its back to that pale skin colour. Am I right or am I right? Your skin type is highly at risk of skin cancers and skin damage. Be careful when out in the sun!

     TYPE 2: The rare tan 

    Not as bad as the burner, but you will always burn in the sun and rarely, I mean, “rarely” get a tan. You have to spend countless hours with coconut oil out by the pool just to see some colour. Again, you are at a high risk from skin damage and cancers. Be careful!

     TYPE 3: The middle ground

    What some people consider the greatest of them all, the middle ground. You will sometimes catch a burn and sometimes tan up. Your skin isn’t pale and or doesn’t look like a bronze necklace, but you are still susceptible to looking like a tomato on your Bali holiday.

     TYPE 4: The Italian olive 

    Your skin looks like an Italian olive, almost always having super hydrated and moisturised skin. You will rarely burn and can tan very quickly in a short amount of time. The dream of every wanna-be famous Instagram’r.

     TYPE 5: The invincible

    You will never know what it’s like to have skin peeling off your back or the embarrassing moment of when you walk around in public with a fresh red face tan. That is because you never burn. The invincible almost has no skin problems we find, very moist and hydrated skin.

    You can check out more about what product may be suitable for your skin type here.

    ★ Grahams Natural Reviews

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    475 reviews
    Give it a try!

    With a. 6 year old and now a baby with eczema there isn’t anything on the market I haven’t tried. Saw this on the internet and decided to give it a try. It’s honestly helping a lot. It takes time but so far the results I’ve seen I’m very pleased with. I remember ordering this with tears in my eyes because as a mom I felt so helpless! Will be placing another other to keep in stock because I finally see results.

    Just 4 days and my husband’s skin was healed!

    A great product for our dog

    We have been using the Mega Oil daily for about a month now. It is added to our dogs food. Today, the groomer said, her coat is looking shiny. Plus she isn't scratching as much as she used to.
    Great news and we will continue to keep on using the mega oil.

    Life Saver!!!!

    I have 3 out of 4 kids with Eczema. So we’ve learned the tricks on how to keep it at bay. However with my youngest it was horrible! We couldn’t control it and he was constantly getting infections from making himself bleed. Saw this on TikTok and figured why not it’s worth a shot! So grateful for this product! We put it on at night and at the midnight feeding and changing I could tell there was a difference. We’re 1 week in and wow!! Night and day!!


    Our daughter has a really bad eczema (atopic) and allmost no cream has made her skin better but at least for now this has been working. She's not so itchy and redness is allmost totally gone.