Genital Eczema and How To Prevent It?

Genital Eczema and How To Prevent It?

Leading Causes Of Genital Eczema

Genital Eczema is defined as a medical skin condition which can happen to both male and female reproductive organs. It is a skin condition which is characterised by redness, vulva itching, and appearance of vesicles on the skin of your genital area. All this may cause you to experience extreme vulva itching, you may also start to notice some red itchy rashes on your vagina and penis. This problem can occur due to various reasons but it is more common than you might think. This is why it is of utmost importance to contact your general physician or a skin specialist once the symptoms start appearing. It is absolutely okay to talk about it as it happens to due to seemingly normal causes.

Tight Clothing:

We already understand the fact that the genital area is usually tightly packed under different layers of clothing.

Due to this reason, there can be a lot of sweating and different bacteria and germs attack your skin causing vulva itching, redness on the penis and the vagina.

Unsafe Sexual Practices:

Sexual practices need to be kept in check at all times, we need to understand that practising safe sex is the most important thing and failing to comply is one of the leading reasons for Genital Eczema. Always consult a professional if you are having difficulty while having sex. Remember, talking about this stuff is only going to ensure your safety so never be shy about opening up and researching about this.


Piercing and tattoos are not entirely responsible for causing Genital Eczema but can pose a major threat in the future. If you do want to get a tattoo, get your skin checked from a professional first. Some skin types are very sensitive and using chemicals such as dyes or black henna for tattoos or using cheap jewellery for piercings can cause huge problems for you in the future.

Cleanliness :

It is vastly important to clean up your genital area every day. Washing it regularly after you have recently had sex or went to use the toilet can prove to be a smart move to prevent Genital Eczema. Usually, the vaginal area and the penis area are left unchecked by many individuals and over time you may experience all this stuff which can prove to be detrimental to your genital area. 

How To Tackle Genital Eczema?

The first step to solving this problem is to make sure you follow all the necessary precautions and safeguards. If you are already experiencing this problem and you have consulted a doctor, he may have prescribed you creams or lubricants to solve this issue.

We get asked a lot if our C+ Eczema cream can be used in these sensitive areas, and yes it can be! Because our cream is made up of all-natural ingredients it is completely safe to use around these areas. Our cream contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help aid the redness and extreme itchiness in your genital areas. Please note that our C+ eczema cream is an external product only and if you are experiencing symptoms other than this, we suggest visiting your doctor.