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    Top 3 tips for dealing with dry skin in the winter

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    Top 3 tips for dealing with dry skin in the winter

    It’s that time of year again when the temperature drops and the heater goes wild! Leaving some of us with dry, scaly skin that flakes and is itchy. Those with eczema or psoriasis, winter is very hard to manage with the constant dryness and no humidity.

    From my experience treating the dryness with internal and topical products is the only way to really help!

    From my experience treating the dryness with internal and topical products is the only way to really help! 


    Drink water! I cannot stress this enough! In the colder months of the year it is difficult to drink, a cold iced glass of water is just going to bring down your core temperature. However, drinking water has a huge effect on your skin hydration. Your skin is said to have 30% water and drinking water will make your skin look more “full” or “plump”.

    Keep your fat content high! Avocado, fish, nuts and wholegrains are great for keeping your skin replenished full of omega-3s and omega 6s. Although these fats are high in calories for the amount of density in the food, they are essential for your body! If you were to read a health magazine roughly about 5-7 years ago, it would have said something along the lines of “Eating Fat Makes You Fat and High-Fat Diets Are Dangerous”, which may of gave fats a bad reputation, but I promise, they’re awesome!

    The main objective for the internal side of dry skin is to hydrate the skin internally while cutting down as much as inflammation as possible.


    The skincare industry is huge and it is hard to know what product suits every person. I think that treating your skin is easy once you have found an awesome product that you love. As for products, I would suggest something natural as I prefer natural ingredients on my skin rather than chemicals that I don’t really know where they are from. I would suggest our Natural Moisturising Lotion, it smells amazing on your skin and leaves your skin feeling soft and replenished!

    The best time to apply a moisturiser is directly after a shower, your skin pores are open and moist from the water. Upon popular belief, water is actually very drying for your skin, once the water is dry, it leaves your skin feeling scaly and stiff resulting in a “dry” look. Applying a moisturiser directly after a shower will give the skin a barrier and protect it from the cold dryness. 

    Just to recap!


    2. EAT GREAT FOOD! (OMEGA-3S & 6S)


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