How the effects of diet can impact the skin

How the effects of diet can impact the skin

The effects of diet on the skin

It is a common misconception that only external sources like sunlight and dust affect the quality of our skin. However, the truth is that our daily diet also affects our skin. Healthy eating is important to maintain healthy skin. Doctors say that skin cells are under constant renewal and rebuilding. In order to do that, our skin absorbs nutrients and vitamins from what we eat. Skin specialists over the world agree that a balanced diet can prevent skin problems. following are some diet habits and their effect on your skin.

Gluten free diets

People who are allergic to the protein known as Gluten avoid foods like wheat, rye and barley. Gluten is known to cause skin rash in people who are allergic to it. However, even if you are not allergic to it, you will notice a better skin by avoiding it. You will hardly notice any downturn in your energy levels. However, it is better to consult a doctor about an alternative.

Fewer carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are known to increase sugar levels in the body. This can cause your skin to start aging way before actual time. It also causes the skin to develop wrinkles. The idea is not to make a dramatic change in your carbohydrate intake because that might lead to other health problems like hair loss. The proper way is to keep it balanced.

Salt intake

Having a high salt intake can cause the body keep more water than it needs. This can lead the skin to swell. Skin around the eyes is thinner than compared to other parts of the body. This is the reason many people complain about puffy eyes in the morning.


Sea Foods like shrimps and lobsters are high in iodine. Even though iodine is important for the body; excessive intake can cause acne. One time high intake won’t see this result. The acne is caused by the collection of iodine over some long period. If your skin is prone to pimple breakout then take iodine rich foods twice a month than twice a week.

Skim milk

Studies have shown very little effect of milk on skin. Many studies had flaws like lack of real-time recording of milk intake. However, recent studies have found effects of specifically skim milk. Skim milk is rich in bio available hormones which lead to high skin oil secretions. Hence, skim milk is more likely to cause acne.


Alcohol is a natural liquid that causes the body to pass out more urine. This will lead to dehydration. Your skin will look wrinkled and show lack hydration.

Direct intake of sugar

High amount of blood sugar affect tissues like collagen. This can cause lines and wrinkles. Many people avoid chocolate to avoid acne breakout. If you want to enjoy chocolate without that horrible result, go for dark chocolate.
Our diet plays a vital role in the maintenance of healthy skin. Access of anything is bad. All you need is to balance your diet.

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