Why alcohol-based sanitizers could be affecting your skin.

Why alcohol-based sanitizers could be affecting your skin.

Amongst the chaos currently circulating around the COVID 19 virus, many people have been advised to purchase alcohol-based sanitizer.

While these sanitizers are completely necessary, they are alcohol based products and could be upsetting your eczema or sensitive skin.

Many sanitizers are filled with alcohols and parabens that significantly dry out your skin and can cause hand dermatitis, also known as eczema. In addition, these alcohol-based sanitizers are particularly harsh to those already suffering with skin conditions and sensitive skin. The frequent use of these alcohol sanitizer gels have been attributed to over washing of the hands which then leads damage to the proteins in the upper layer of your epidermis, which further changes the fats in the skin. In turn, depleting the skins natural protective barrier will lead to your hands feeling dry and sore. The over washing of hands from these gels can easily be counteracted through applying a nourishing oil-based product that will aid in hydrating the skin and replenishing those protective barriers.

The constant use of these sanitizers does cause harm to the natural layer of hydration that our skin has. Grahams Body & Bath Oil works to keep your skin nourished and hydrated through natural ingredients after the layers of your skin are compromised by irritation. The Grahams C+ Cream works to calm the skin by reducing the itchy and red inflamed areas, while controlling the spread of bacteria on the dry skin. Our C+ cream is an “oil-in-water” formula to provide relief from itching and pain.

Taking care of your skin is one of the most important things to ensure it remains healthy and successfully ages in the long term. If you are using drying hand sanitizer, it is beneficial to keep a skin oil and moisturizer cream with you to remove the pressure of the alcohols on your skin. If you skin has progressed in irritation and is showing signs of eczema or dermatitis, our C+ Cream is a good option to add hydration to those areas and still provide essential anti-inflammatory benefits.


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