Natural Home Remedies to Help Soothe Eczema

Natural Home Remedies to Help Soothe Eczema

When a person suffers from eczema the only thing they care about or want is some effective relief! Although as everyone knows eczema has no cure, there are certainly some natural effective ways to reduce the pain, itch and redness! Spending lots of money on lotions and oils can get very tiring when they aren’t working effectively, that is why we have put together some simple home remedies that can ease the pain!

Use coconut oil for the skin: Coconut oil, long regarded as a skin favourite, is a great combatant against dry, itchy skin.  It thoroughly moisturises that top layer of dry skin, making it stronger and more resistant to flare-ups.

Take lukewarm showers: We all love hot showers, but if you use water that is too hot, it can irritate the skin by drawing all the moisture out of the skin, making it more vulnerable to a flare up.  Consider lukewarm showers instead and enjoy the soothing power of water without the breakouts to follow.

Bath in an oil bath: When you really want to moisturise the skin beyond the first layer, an oil bath is one of the best options to consider.  An oil-based bath will help it sink deep into the skin layers and help keep your skin hydrated and protected. Once out of the bath apply your lotion on top to completely seal the skin!

Add in exercise: While sweating often makes it feel as though you are making a flare-up worse, it can sometimes alleviate the pain! When you exercise and sweat, you are releasing the toxins and bad bacteria in your skin! For a person with eczema this can have a massive impact on their physical and mental health! Making sure you have a shower after you exercise is essential as well to wash off what you have just sweat out so it doesn’t react on your skin!

Reduce alcohol intake: We all love a nice drink or two, but if you drink excessively, it can dehydrate the skin and also worsen any flare-ups that you’re having already.  Try to moderate your alcohol for this reason.

Meditation: Most eczema flare ups are triggered by stress, so by partaking in meditation each day could help relax the mind and body. If you feel like stress is one of your worst enemies, taking 5 minutes out of your day to focus on your mental health could have a massive impact to your well being!

Wear the right clothing: Certain fabrics such as wool can irritate eczema (whether you have a flare-up or not).  Avoid anything scratchy like that and focus on a breathable material that is going to feel smooth and keep your skin comfortable.  A common example would be cotton.

Use a natural emollient cream: Last but not least, using the right lotion or cream is essential in combating the dreaded itch! When it comes to eczema we know that one cream ins’t going to fix all, that is why we always suggest using an oil and cream in conjunction with each other. For more information about this check out our natural eczema therapeutic pack. Although eczema shows on the outside, it is a problem that needs to be treated internally. Making sure you are taking an internal oil supplement that is full of essential fatty acids and omegas will be the right step in improving your eczema!

By incorporating all these simple actions into your daily life while also maintaining a healthy diet and skin care routine will have a massive impact on your eczema!