What Could Be Causing Your Eczema?

What Could Be Causing Your Eczema?


Eczema occurs in 1 in 3 babies in Australia and over 1 million Australians have eczema. Unfortunately, there is no known cause of eczema, however, for most types of eczema, it is said to be a combination of genes and certain triggers that happens inside the body.

It has been said that people who suffer from eczema have an over-reactive immune system and that when triggered by a certain substance either inside or outside the body, it retaliates in causing inflammation on the skin. This is characterised by red, itchy and painful rashes all around the body. Some research studies have shown that a specific gene called Filaggrin could be the link to this complex disorder. Filaggrin plays a key role in epidermal barrier function, and the association with atopic dermatitis shows the importance of this gene. It is said that people who suffer from eczema lack some of this gene, making them very vulnerable to outside and inside bodily triggers.

Although there is no known exact cause of eczema, there are certainly many triggers that can impact the severity of one’s eczema. Some of these include;



Unfortunately, there are many everyday materials in the air that can cause allergic reactions. Some of these include; dust, seasonal pollen, mould and pet dander. Although we can’t always control these factors, we can definitely try minimising them by getting allergy tests done to find out what exactly could be the cause of your flare-up.



One major factor that contributes massively to inflammation and flare-ups is diet. The immune and gut is often weakened for eczema sufferers, therefore making them very vulnerable to sicknesses and other health problems. Eating the right nutrient-rich food will help build up the immune system. You can read our blog on what foods make eczema worse here. We also suggest taking essential fatty acids to supplement lost omega 3, 6 and 9 while also building up a strong gut.  


Cleaning Products

One trigger that is often overlooked is the detergent you are washing your clothes with. We suggest looking for products that claim they are hypoallergenic and free from dyes fragrances. Finding ones that are formulated for sensitive skin may also be a good idea.


Skin Care

As with detergents, what we wash and put on our body is super important. Using chemical-based products in the shower can further dry the skin and most definitely cause a flare-up. Looking out for those hidden ingredients and harmful fragrances that could potentially reduce the risk of a flare-up. We always suggest our Natural Body Wash as it was specifically formulated for people with sensitive eczema-prone skin!



Seasonal changes in the temperature are not ideal for eczema sufferers. The most common time of year when they find their skin the worst is during the cooler months. The air is dry and lots of clothing has to be worn. Although a factor we cannot control, we can definitely implement the right strategies to survive these months. Keeping on top of daily moisturising and applying oil regularly, if possible, stay away from heaters and stay hydrated.


Unfortunately, as most eczema sufferers know it is hard to pinpoint an exact cause of what creates an eczema flare-up, as there can be so many different triggers and every individual is different. That is why we need to carefully examine what we do in our everyday lives and note how certain things trigger this inflammation in and outside of the body. 

When it comes to choosing the right products to use on your eczema, we always suggest using our Natural C+ Eczema cream in conjunction with our Body & Bath oil. These two products work together to create a protective barrier on the skin that helps fight against redness, inflammation and bacteria. As for immunity, we know first-hand how important gut health is, which is why we created a Mega Oil formulated with omega 3, 6 and 9 and essential fatty acids. This is aimed to help internal issues that skin sufferers most definitely lack.