5 Triggers that could be making your Acne Worse

5 Triggers that could be making your Acne Worse

  1. The type of face wash or face scrub you are using

 People are set out to believe that the more you scrub and exfoliate your face, the better your skin will be. However, this is not the case!  Our face is very delicate and sensitive, so by scrubbing off the skin’s protective barrier and bacteria off the skin can actually harm it, therefore causing your face to retaliate. We suggest washing your face with a gentle foaming cleanser like our Natural Acne Gel Wash and using your hands or a gentle face cloth to rinse.


  1. Hat wear causing acne

Basically, anything that can trap sweat on your head will most definitely cause an unwanted acne breakout. Bacteria are trapped against your skin clogging up pores. We suggest in summer limit your use of hat wear or if you work out and wear bands, make a switch to using a towel to pat your face dry.


  1. Workout Sweat

It is inevitable that we will sweat after some form of exercise. That is why showering or washing your right after a workout may help minimise an acne breakout. As the sweat builds upon our skin, the makeup, dirt and grime usually get clogged underneath. We would suggest washing your wash pre-workout to remove and makeup, dirt or grime from your face then again post-workout to remove sweat and dirt.


  1. Stress 

Unfortunately for us, stress has a major impact on all parts of our body, especially our face. And in most cases, we can’t always control our emotions or the situations that cause this stress. However, there are definitely some techniques we can do to help minimise it! Yoga is a great way to relax the mind, as well as going for a walk, eating healthy, following a good morning and night routine and treating yourself because you deserve it… and so does your skin!


  1. Certain Cosmetic Ingredients

Some certain ingredients that are found in cosmetic products can have an effect on your skin. Some common ones include Lanolin, added fragrances, D&C red, lauroyl lysine and lauric acid. They can irritate skin, block pores, dry the skin out etc. Ideally, if you have sensitive skin and are prone to acne breakouts, we suggest looking out for products that state they are made for sensitive skin.


If you are ever going through an acne breakout, don’t stress! We have got you covered… literally! Making sure to keep on top of your daily morning and night routines is essential for the skin to fully repair. We always suggest using our Natural Acne Gel and Natural Acne Wash to reduce the inflammation and redness on the skin for a clearer complexion. You can read our ideal Acne routine guide here!