This Natural Cream Saved Their Son’s Skin When It Was At Its Absolute Worst!

Hayley shares the story of her little one's struggle with eczema and
the solution that transformed their experience.

The Reality Of Eczema:
 A debilitating condition which impacts the skin’s barrier
→ Can present itself as early as 1 month old
→ Many doctors recommend steroids and prescription ointments as a ‘solution'
→ Here's how I helped my son's eczema & how you can too


Hayley's son had been enduring chronic eczema, causing significant discomfort. As a mother, witnessing her child's pain was unbearable. Turning to TikTok, she stumbled upon a page featuring remarkable baby eczema before & afters.

This is how their little one's skin was restored, and how others can achieve similar results.

The Doctor Wasn't Much Help

The journey began when Hayley's son first displayed signs of eczema at a young age.
Determined to avoid steroid usage due to their potential side effects, Hayley and her family embarked on a quest to find an alternative solution.

Despite numerous consultations with doctors, pediatric dermatologists, and naturopaths yielding no answers, Hayley remained optimistic that a solution existed.

This wasn't the envisioned start to her child's life. Rather than frolicking in the sandpit and enjoying leisurely strolls in the park, their family was hindered by their son's skin condition.

Then, a fortuitous scroll through TikTok altered the trajectory of their son's skin journey!

A simple scroll through Facebook changed the course of Katie’s skin journey forever…

It was when an ad for a natural and steroid free treatment, made by an Aussie mum for her own child, caught her attention. In Katie’s words, it was the ‘breakthrough she had been searching for.'

The ad was for a cream called the C+ Eczema & Dermatitis Cream, which used clinically proven ingredients with the latest scientific research on eczema, to help reduce redness, and inflammation caused by eczema.

Katie was skeptical, but after so much trial and error, she had nothing left to lose.

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A TikTok page showcasing a natural, steroid-free treatment crafted by an Australian mother for her own child captured Teagan's attention. It was the breakthrough she had been desperately seeking.
The product advertised was a cream and oil boasting remarkable results, backed by a multitude of customer success stories.

Formulated with clinically proven ingredients and informed by the latest scientific research on eczema, it promised to alleviate redness and inflammation.

Despite initial skepticism, Hayley, exhausted from relentless trial and error, decided to take a chance and promptly placed an order.

This wasn't just another ordinary moisturizer. It contained potent natural ingredients such as Calendula and Gotu kola, renowned for their ability to soothe redness, itching, and inflammation.
Additionally, it featured Manuka Honey, known for its antibacterial properties.
This unique blend of ingredients offered a novel approach to treating her son's eczema.

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Delving into the backstory of the company behind the cream, Grahams Natural Alternatives,  Hayley was moved by their family's journey of helping their own son overcome severe eczema. Their cream, developed by an eczema sufferer for fellow sufferers, had garnered global acclaim for its transformative effects on skin conditions.

"I wish I had found this cream earlier, and it’s the only cream that I’ll ever recommend to other mums in the same position with bubs struggling with eczema."

Unlike steroid creams and chemical products that merely provide temporary relief by concealing toxins in the body, Grahams Natural Baby Eczema Cream & Oil adopts a natural approach.

Grahams Natural Cream helps to:

✔️ Keep the skin hydrated for 6+ hours

✔️ Clinically proven ingredients

✔️ Safe for long-term use

✔️ Instant itch relief

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Today, Hayley's son rarely experiences flare-ups, granting the family peace of mind to enjoy everyday activities without worry.

For those grappling with eczema or suffering from red, itchy, or inflamed skin, the Grahams Natural Baby Eczema Cream may offer the solution they've been seeking.


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I suddenly started developing eczema around my eyes - the lids would swell up and then crack repeatedly. I was really hesitant about steroid creams so wanted to try everything else first, and went through tubes of other well regarded creams. Grahams cream is the only thing that worked. After a week of regular use, my skin had completely recovered!

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I suffer from severe eczema dermatitis on my hands and fingers. I’ve spent $100's on products from everywhere. My dermatologist can’t figure out what works. But THANKFULLY I found this lotion and did me wonders overnight. Can’t be anymore thankful!!

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I have severe eczema and was desperate for anything, so I bought this. The first application got rid of the itching. On the 3rd day, the redness, scaling and itching were totally gone, I couldn't believe it. I've tried so many creams prescribed by dermatologists and nothing worked. I couldn't be happier.

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I had been using hydrocortisone on my skin periodically for a number of years, something you shouldn't do. I just couldn't find anything else that worked. Took a punt on this natural cream and it has been so good that it's allowed me to stop using hydrocortisone entirely!


Without risky steroid creams, medical prescriptions and expensive dermatologist treatments.


Without risky steroid creams, medical prescriptions and expensive dermatologist treatments.