Why Manuka honey is good for the skin!

Why Manuka honey is good for the skin!

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last 10 years, you would most likely have heard of the amazing health benefits of New Zealand’s Manuka honey. It has been known to indigenous cultures for centuries as the medicine sent from the Gods, with its amazing healing and antibacterial properties! Even in the 21st century Manuka honey still has several health benefits and it is why is it still used in our products!

So whats good about it? 

‣   Antimicrobial and healing properties for eczema and acne

‣   Cuts down inflammation on the skin

‣   Antibacterial properties

‣   Boosts your immune system

‣   Can heal wounds & ulcers

‣   X4 More nutrient content than regular honey

‣   Lowers Acid reflux/bacteria in gut 

Manuka Honey is one of our most effective ingredients in our natural products. There are just so many health benefits for Manuka honey externally and internally which is even backed by scientists:

The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database lists honey as being "possibly effective" to treat burns and wounds. 

With nothing to harm your body, what's there to lose? 

You seriously have to try this stuff out!