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    9 Year Old Labradors

    We have 3 nine year old Labradors and noticed that our largest Chocolate Labrador was looking a little stiff in his legs. We have noticed the biggest difference in his mobility . He is moving freely and running around again. The other 2 look more vibrant too . This is after 1 month. Highly Recommend this product

    excellent products, they do as advertised

    Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you so much for your review on our Intensive Repair Hand Cream! :)

    Psoriasis Cream
    Henry B.
    Grahama Psoriasis Cream

    works provided itch is moderate otherwise it is a good moisturiser. But it is better than anything else that I used.

    Work In Progress

    I have to say I was skeptical of any cream in general that has anything to do with healing eczema; however, this cream has worked wonders on my little one’s skin. I see healing & less scratching. It’s been a slow progress but I see his skin has improved so much. It is starting to smooth out. We still have our flare up days but it’s nothing like before. Now we are able to manage it with the cream. It’s a slow progress but I see a big difference and that’s all I could ask for. We will continue to buy & use this cream, as it is the only one that’s been working on his skin so far. attached are the before & now pics.

    Thank you so much for your review and taking the time to show us your before and after pictures! We are so happy to hear that you are seeing a difference in your skin :)

    C+ Cream
    Rajadurai P.
    Thanks review

    Thanks you so much for the cream.

    Hi Rajadurai,
    Thank you for your review :)


    Very hydrating but did take a bit of time to see results.

    Hi Grecia,
    Thank you very much for your review. Results can vary from person to person and the time frame for the products to work can depend on many factors but we are glad that you persevered! :)

    Worked wonders for my son's eczema!

    Like most who suffer from eczema, we have tried almost every eczema cream/lotion, including steroids. We finally wanted to say goodbye to steroids and tried fully natural with oils and other lotions for six months with little change. Finally, I decided to try the Graham's Natural Baby Eczema cream. It worked a little, but still wasn't quite effective for my toddler's eczema. I then tried this C+ cream and wow, it has been an absolute game changer! His eczema has mostly been kept at bay with zero flare-ups in the last four months we have been using this cream and his skin is no longer rough like sandpaper. I'm so impressed, but mostly so happy that my son is no longer suffering and his skin is smooth and soft again! He still has itchy moments, but his skin is no longer red and "angry".

    Hi Genevieve, thank you so much for your wonderful review! We appreciate you taking the time to share your toddlers eczema journey and your experience with our eczema products. Your trial of both products will certainly help others who are unsure which products to use.


    My legs are fully covered with Psoriasis, i have it all up my back, and patches on my elbows growing bigger. I have tried endless creams and gave ‘Grahams’ a try because at this point I’ve tried everything the doctors have offered and multiple natural remedies.
    Thankfully I didn’t get my hopes up that it would work. The moisturiser made my skin a little less red and itchy for the first 1-2 weeks, however i went away and forgot it and my skin was worse (far more tender and cracked) then before using Grahams psoriasis products. I have stopped using the moisturiser. I still use the body wash as it seems to help my skin not be irritated and cracked after a shower. I may buy the body wash again but definitely not the moisturiser.

    The best stuff ever!!

    Love this!!🥰

    Hi Carletha,
    Thank you for taking the time to review our products!
    We are so happy to hear that you love the Therapeutic Skin Care Pack! :)

    Works wonders

    My son has severe eczema on his face and on his body, when I say I’ve tried EVERYTHING you can think of to help soothe it or even just manage it from flare ups. Nothing has worked. I was at my wits end, and I had seen this brand floating around on tik tok and at first I was skeptical to try it bc I didn’t want this to be another thing that didn’t work, But luckily I went ahead and tried it bc this thing has been the only thing that has helped relieve flare up and manage his eczema. It hasn’t cleared it up all the way just yet but it has worked wonders from what his face and body used to look like. I have both both the c+ cream and body oil and they really do work better combined!!

    Hi Sabrina,
    Wow, awesome photo of your little one ! That is such fantastic news! We always try to recommend to use both as you do get the best results when the Oil and Cream as used together. We are glad you gave us a go as we understand most people have cupboard full of products they have tried! :)

    Rosacea Cream

    Best cream I’ve tried in 20 years, the only one that’s helped and I must’ve spent hundreds trying them all. I’m 50 now and wish I’d found it sooner!! Deals with redness, swelling, breakouts and the crusty dryness.

    Hi Louis,
    That is such amazing news! 20 years and lots of $$$ is a long time to suffer so we are so happy you found our product! :)


    deep conditions YET lightweight.
    perfect for my type 3c curls.

    Hi JG,
    That is so nice to hear you find the conditioner great for Curly hair. :)


    excellent shampoo and conditioner for my type 3c curls. reparative. deep condition YET lightweight. the shipping/handling to usa from aus is expensive, but the products are unparalleled.

    Great smell and feel!

    Everything came packaged well and it worked great after a break out.

    Hi Sam,
    Thank you for your review! We are so glad to hear that you are happy with the Therapeutic Skin Care Pack! Keeping the skin as moist as possible will also help with future breakouts!

    Great value for money

    I was very happy with this value pack my dog tries to snif and lick the gel when I open it near her and does not mind when I apply it, other brands she runs and turned her nose up and it hates when I apply them. The hot spot gell really helped as she had a large swollen scabby mark under her front legs that had gotten so bad, after the gell it started getting better after each use and is now almost back to normal. She also loves the treats. Very happy with the fast and caring packaging and delivery. Now she can keep rolling in the grass without me worrying. Happy puppy, happy life.

    Works wonders!

    I've had eczema behind my knees since May 2021, and anything that has collodial oatmeal did not help with my eczema. I came across this product and decided to purchase it, I've been using this every night with the bath oil for 2 weeks and it has significantly helped my eczema. It's no longer flaking, the itch has significantly reduced and the texture of my skin is almost similar to how it used to be. My only issue now is to treat the gray / dark brown color left on my skin.

    Hi Icee,
    Thank you for your wonderful review. The Body & Bath Oil are the key to keeping the skin itch free! Unfortunately there is not much anyone can do for the pigmentation on the skin but hope that it does fade with time.

    Love this

    Works fast and it’s amazing

    Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you for letting us know your experience with the C+ Eczema Cream! We are so happy to hear that it has worked so fast on your skin! :)


    Excelente productos y entrega más rápida de lo que esperaba. Seguiré probando otros más.. 👏

    Hi Maria, Thank you you for your Excelente review! :)

    Great Product!

    Helped my scalp immediately. Huge relief!

    Hi Rachel,
    Thank you so much for letting us know about your experience with the Scalp Relief Cream and how quickly it worked for you! :)

    Works great

    I Used the bar soap on my daughters rashes and works great the shampoo and conditioner worked great for my husbands head made it less inflamed. And cream worked well on the patches on his face.

    Hi Alana,
    Thank you for your review. We are happy to hear that your daughter and husband have had great results with our products! :)

    Key for our family

    This product used after Grahams bath oil is key in flare ups for our entire family. Cleared a few problem areas especially my sore, dry, wounded hands from nursing and using so many chemicals for hand hygiene and also cleared a huge flare up on my 15month old son. I will always use this product.

    Hi Jen,
    Thank you for your review. We are happy to hear it has helped your family so much. You are so correct that the Oil is the key, it works the best when used with the C+ Eczema Cream. :)

    Not right for my skin

    I have mainly type 1 rosacea, with flares of type 1 and 2. I take antibiotics, use rozex a minimal skincare routine to control my redness. I was excited to try these products after reading great reviews.
    Sadly, the rosacea cream and wash were not for me and caused a flare within 24 hours of using.
    My patch test was fine, but overnight my skin became really unhappy.
    customer service was great from the Grahams team.
    I have sent the products on to someone else living with rosacea who loves the products and they work great for her.
    Like everything with rosacea, everyone is different!

    Psoriasis Cream
    Laura R.
    Amazing results

    I have suffered with Psoriasis for more than 20 years. It was so painful and itchy that I hated to be in public. It's all over my face and neck. This has been the most affective solution I've ever had with no side effects.

    Hi Laura,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful review. We are so pleased to hear that after all this time (20 years) you have finally found a product that works! :)

    Rosacea Cream
    Billie H.
    The only thing that’s ever actually helped my Rosacea!!

    I will be ordering this again. Especially because it doesn’t have all the crap that American facial wash does!

    Hi Billie, thank you for your wonderful review on our Rosacea cream. Our products might take a while to arrive to the USA but we are so happy to hear that it is worth the wait!

    Psoriasis Cream
    Raina S.
    Great Product!!!

    I purchased this cream for my daughter who has psoriasis, which has spread, all over her arms, legs, and a little on her face. She said this cream really helped with her itchy skin. It felt less itchy, and less dry. I probably should have purchased a few bottles (which I will in the future). She used the cream every morning before school, a few times throughout the day and at night before she goes to bed. This cream works wonders!!!

    Hi Raina,
    Thank you so much for sharing your daughters experience with the Psoriasis cream! I am so happy to read that she is very diligent with her skin care regime, that certainly helps to get the best results! :)