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Wow guys so good

Works so well!

My baby was struggling with eczema and this has helped him so so much! I will definitely continue to purchase!

Really good but a little pricey

This has helped me soo much I struggled with dry scalp and have tried everything and when I tried this scalp shampoo …. 3 washes later my head has never looked better def recommend and fast shipping to Calgary

Psoriasis Cream
Gabriela B.R.
Amazing !

I buy this for my partner, he struggles with psoriasis flair ups pretty bad, and this is the only thing (including medication) that has helped his skin, one of my favorite products that I KNOW works!

Hi Gabriela! Wow, thank you so much for sharing your partner's experience with the Psoriasis Cream! We are so glad that our products have been able to provide some relief for him!

It provided immediate relief-especially the cream.

Didn't see a difference in using it

Barely worked. It took away the itching temporarily.

in one day i vam see a huge difference in her eczema. very good

Good to use together I’m getting good results

Finding the shampoo good. I was hoping that it wouldn’t dry my scalp out. The crème had worked better than I expected.

This product is god sent. My daughter’s eczema was so bad from going on vacation the chlorine really gave her a bad flare up. Now her skin is back to normal even better than before. It seems like it’s back to normal.

Did nothing for my ecezma

Not for me

I was looking for a lightweight formula that is still hydrating and effective in treating my eczema flare-ups, and decided to give this a try. I also liked that it was designed for eczema on eyelids as I tend to get dry patches there.
However, this formula did not work for me. It is lightweight and not super greasy which I liked, but it had hard clumps throughout and got very crusty around the opening of the tube. I also found that applying to slightly damp skin made it go on nicely and evenly (within ~2 minutes of washing and patting dry face), but it was hard to apply to completely dry skin. Although it absorbed very quickly, it left my face feeling dry again with flaky patches reappearing within minutes. It also pills if you apply even the slightest bit too much.

Came damaged. Box is bent everywhere and most of the product came out

Don’t notice any difference.


I wish it would come quicker and also do a buy 2 get 1 free.

Very good product it works

The best!

The best sunscreen in my experiance and at the same time skincare at a exeptionel level! I regret that it is no longer available in the Netherlands.
One minus: it contains hard lumps of 2-3 mm du to a bad mix!?


I used this and I have atopic dermatitis, I thought it would be okay to use on it, I also have sensitive skin, however it actually affected my skin, I think because of the Shea butter. Maybe it would be better without the shea butter as it causes my hands to flare up.

Itchy scalp

Best shampoo for dry itchy scalp.
I swear by this product

Magical stuff

I suffer from severe eczema dermatitis on my hands and fingers. I’ve spent over 100$ on products from everywhere. My dermatologist can’t figure out what works. But THANKFULLY I found this lotion and did me wonders overnight. Can’t be anymore thankful


Love this product, really helped me clear up dandruff and an itchy dry scalp that I'd had problems with for years

Excellent product. The best foot cream I’ve ever used.

Lovely cream

After trying many different types of cream for itchy eyelids, this really does help soothe the skin. Non greasy and very smooth.
Also use on my hands for dermatitis.
Very pleased.